Updated: 1/13/2021

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  • The Article of Confederation was a the first constitution of the United States. The AoC emphasized the power of state governments over national government. The power was distributed this way to make congress not tax.
  • The Article of Confederation was replaced by the Constitution so the US would create a stronger government.
  • A weakness of the AoC is there is no power to tax, this means the national government couldn't place taxes. This made the confederation not be able to raise funds.
  • Another weakness of the AoC is that for amendments to pass they have to get consent from all the states.
  • This makes it very hard to pass amendments and laws because it's unlikely for all the states to all agree on an amendment.
  • The Northwest Ordinance established a government for the Northwest territory, it also created the process for accepting a new state into the US, it also promised newly added states into the US to be equal to other states.
  • To become a state the population has to reaches 60,000 free males. The Northwest Ordinance curved a pathway for how states are accepted into the United States.
  • In the Northwest Ordinance territory slavery was illegal. Everyone was treated equally in the Northwest Territory because of this.
  • A right that everyone has in the Northwest Ordiance is Religious Freedom.This means that anyone could believe what the wanted.
  • Shays Rebellion showed how weak the the AoC is. It show how we needed to form a stronger government.
  • In the Shays Rebellion there was violent attacks on courthouses, stole weapons, marched on weapons. The rebellion happened because farmers couldn't support themselves due to the increase of high taxes. 
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