God Sees the Truth, but Waits- Story Board by Preti Maha Sari
Updated: 1/22/2020
God Sees the Truth, but Waits- Story Board by Preti Maha Sari
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Storyboard Text

  • Don't go!! I have bad dream about you
  • Stop!!! you are a murderer
  • In the Town of Vladimir lived a young merchant named Ivan Dmitrich. Aksionov had a house house and two shops. One day, he wanted to go to the Nizhny fair. His wife did not let him go because she had a bad dream about Aksionov. But Aksionov still decided to go.
  • So you, too, suspect me!
  • On the way of his journey, Aksionov met another merchant whom he knew. He decided to stay at an inn for the night. They drunk tea together. Because it was Aksionov's habit to sleep late, he decide to continue his journey.
  • God will forgive you
  • Travelling half way, suddenly soldier stopped Aksionov and asked some questions to him. He accused as a murderer of the merchant whom he met before in an inn. Although he swore that he did not kill the merchant, the evidence showed that he did it. Then he was put in the jail.
  • His wife and his children visited him in jail. His wife was in doubt about his action. Then they said good bye for the last time. Aksionov lived in Jail in Siberia for twenty six years and began to be a changed man in prison. Aksionov learnt to make boots. Other prisoners respected him and they called him "Grandfather"
  • One day a new prisoner came to Jail named Makar Semyonich. Then Aksionov knew that he was the real killer of the merchant 26 years ago. Finally Makar confessed his fault to Aksionov. He apologized what he had done to Aksionov and asked for his forgiveness.
  • Although Makar already confessed to him , he no longer had any desire to leave the prison, but only hoped for his last hour to come. But when the order for his release came, Aksionov was already dead.
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