Storyboard project 1
Updated: 5/22/2020
Storyboard project 1
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  • Underground Habitat
  • Savanna
  • River Bed
  • Thanks for coming to the ecosystem cruise. Our first stop is an underground tunnel. This ecosystem is a habitat for underground animals. There is also an animal community with several species living together. The carrying capacity is about 48,000 animals that can make a proper food chain. The abiotic factors in this ecosystem are the dirt and rocks. The biotic factors of this ecosystem are the badger, bunny and the fruit bat.
  • Our next stop is a savanna. This ecosystem is a habitat for animals adapted to warm weather. In this community, there are herbivores, omnivores, and scavengers. The grass and the trees are producers because they make their own food and support the food chain/web. The bird eats the bugs that bother the elephants. (Mutualism)
  • Our 3rd stop is a river bed. The otter is a predator of craw fish. The number of craw fish in the river is a limiting factor for the river otter population. On the side of the river, there is a hungry baby wolf. In the wolf's fur, there are fleas. That is called parasitism.
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