iron fertizilation
Updated: 12/10/2020
iron fertizilation

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  • we can honey! i mean we will soon! with my great idea, nobody will be hungry any longer!
  • really dad? how!?
  • this fresh cooked fish was great dad! i wish we could always catch fish like this );
  • i am going to seed the ocean with iron.
  • Scientists found that by slowly introducing iron into the ocean water they could encourage algae growth.
  • wow that's really cool!!
  • well Becky.. let me give you an idea.
  • But dad what does this have to do with fishing?
  • if the primary producers of the ocean increased in numbers, then the tiny critters likecopepods will get more to eat. That means little fish will also get more to eat, in turn feeding the big fish....
  • a company made a deal with us for 800,000 square miles of ocean. we are going to be rich and fix global warming
  • wow thats great! but how do you plan to accomplish that??
  • We plan to put a mixture of iron, phosphorus, and key trace elements into floating time-release mini capsules that will keep the mixtures afloat longer and seed the ocean more slowly. In this way, we will mimic the enrichment provided by upwellings in the ocean off Peru and have the same kind of rich fishing. By continuous seeding of just 100,000 square miles of ocean
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