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Updated: 6/26/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • Eric Jogging
  • Keisha on The Porch
  • Keisha Receives a FT
  • I haven't been working on this body all winter just to be sitting in the house all summer!
  • Detail (Close Up) shot of Eric's shoes. Low Angle shot. Eric running towards shot.
  • Keisha Takes Cesar for a Walk
  • Medium shot (waist up) of Keisha sitting on the stairs with her dog. Her phone rings.
  • Eric Meets Keisha
  • POV shot Keisha answers her FT. Then a High Angle shot of Keisha conversing.
  • Electrifying Convo
  • Thank you. My name is Eric. I jog this route all the time but I've never saw you before. You're beautiful. Well at least what I can see of you lol
  • Keisha pets Cesar ((Tight/Close Up shot) then stands up (Low Angle). She begins to walk down the driveway. Over the shoulder shot. (Shot from behind and from the front low angle)
  • Keisha and Eric make eye contact (Tight/close up) as Keisha walks down the driveway. Eric stops (Detail shot). Keisha speaks to Eric (Medium shot).
  • Excuse me. Im not normally this assertive, I just haven't saw a man this fine in months. My name is Keisha what's yours?
  • Over the shoulder shot with dialogue. Followed by medium shots.
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