The War
Updated: 2/9/2020
The War

Storyboard Description

A British Soldier makes friends with a person who was supposed to kill him.

Storyboard Text

  • It was WW1. A British Soldier named Archibald Lewiswas guarding a bridge in English-Occupied Belgium.
  • Then, a German Soldier was walking in the woods. His name was Karl Gutenberg. His job was to scout the a-rea and alert other troops. Little did he know, he was near Archibald.
  • Karl walked and walked and found the bridge Archibald was guarding. Archibald quickly turned around and saw him. He quickly ran then hid behind a rock. Next, Karl began shooting.
  • The End
  • While running, a photo of Archibald's wife fell out of his pocket. Karl saw it and yelled, "Halt!". Karl then picked it up because he thought of his own wife and thought about the family of the Englishman.
  • Karl spoke in German-accented English, " My wife and kids are in Berlin. I pray to god they are okay. I assume you feel the same about your family. " Archibald then said, " I do. They are in Lancaster. War is tough." They both talked back and forth, slowly becoming friends.
  • Karl had to go. His last words to Archibald were, " I must go. It was nice knowing you, but our countries call. The war will end soon. I hope you will do well when all is done. " Archibald responded with, " You too Karl. I hope you'll live a good life." The 2 left not as friends, but as brothers.