The Lost Son
Updated: 3/21/2020
The Lost Son

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  • Father, I would like my share of our inheritance now
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  • Party Dude!
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  • Son, I understand that you are frustrated, but no matter what either of you do, I will always forgive you and welcome you back into my house!
  • Father, this is so unfair! I always listen to you and do what you ask. Now that my brother is back after wasting all of your money, you're glad to see him!
  • There once was a man who lived on a farm with his two sons. His eldest son worked very hard every single day and obeyed all his Father's requests. One day, the youngest son decided to ask his Father for his share of the inheritance. He wanted to go out and be independent
  • If you look after my pigs, I will give you food and water
  • The Son travelled to a distant country and spent all of his money on wine, music, and parties. Everybody wanted to be his friend, because they knew that he had a lot of money and would pay for everything. But, when he ran out of money, nobody wanted to be his friend, and he was alone.
  • I have no food or money left, and I don't know what to do! I have learnt my lesson now
  • I am so glad you're home!
  • !!!
  • Sir, I am desperate. If I do work for you, will you repay me?
  • Father, I have sinned. I should have stayed with you. I am so sorry!