TFA Chapter One

Updated: 1/23/2019
TFA Chapter One

Storyboard Text

  • The Beginning of Okonkwo
  • I WON. I can't believe this happened.
  • Meeting Okonkwo
  • Agbala is the righteous one. I am strong. I am important. I am Okonwko.
  • Meeting Unoka
  • I miss the days when I would play my flute for the whole village after the harvest feast. But now I have to think about my family and money. Ugh, what am I thinking.
  • Twenty years prior to the well known strong and manly Okonkwo. We meet him as he wrestles Amalinze, the Cat. He soon defeats the cat and his new reputation has grown and spread like wildfire.
  • Flashback: In Trouble with Okoye
  • Unoka, I need my cowries back that I lended to you!
  • Haha! Brother, I can not give you what you want. I have many more people to give to. 
  • Okonkwo is a pretty intimidating guy. He is very impatient with unsuccesful men like his father. He is huge and strong. He is feared by many people of Umofia. We come to learn that he is a succesful man with three wives and many children.
  • Unoka's Death
  • Achebe soon introduces Unoka, Okonkwo's father. We learn that Okonkwo despises his father because he is incredibly lazy. Unoka died ten years prior to the current time in the book but Achebe describes him as a lazy bum who spends all of his borrowed money on gourds of palm wine but he was always happy and loved his music.
  • The Beginning of Ikemefuma
  • Why do I have to take the sickly child?
  • I just want to go home to Mbaine where my little sister and mother live!
  • Flashback: Unoka's neighbor Okoye comes over and offers a Kola Nut which is a spiritual gift. Okoye then asks Unoka for the 200 cowries he lended him previously. Unoka points to a wall which shows all of his debt and declines Okoye's request. Okoye leaves Unoka's hut empty handed.
  • Unoka was put in the evil forest when he died because he was such a disgrace to Umofia. He never paid off his debts and never worked for his family. His son Okonkwo was very ashamed of his father and wanted nothing to do with him.
  • At the very end of this chapter, readers are left with part of an intriguing story about a sickly boy named Ikemefuma from Mbaine, that somehow is under the care of Okonkwo.