RRJ 01172019
Updated: 1/18/2019
RRJ 01172019

Storyboard Text

  • Shasta: Can we enter Tashban? We just got back from a big war. Guard: How do I know you are not lying?
  • Aravis: Do you think we will get caught lying about the war? Shasta: No. Just stay calm and it will turn out fine.
  • Shasta: We should just get the stuff we need and head out soon! Aravis: But we finally have a place to stay and it would help us get more sleep.
  • King Edmund:  Are you prince Corin? Shasta: No no. I am a towns person. King Edmund: I have not seen you around before.
  • Shasta: We have to go! Aravis: Why! Shasta: The towns people and the king are suspicious.
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