Christmas Film StoryBoard
Updated: 12/16/2019
Christmas Film StoryBoard
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  • 1.)
  • 2.)
  • 3.)
  • Car Park - low lighting - camera focusing on man - pigeons cooing - camera panning pass two characters
  • 4.)
  • House front - natural lighting from sun - camera focusing on man on floor and how he slipped - sounds of man slipping on icy stairs - camera following man on floor
  • 5.)
  • Inside hallway of house - gloomy lighting but some from small window - camera focusing on man with burned hand, red skin - man screaming, hissing sound from red hot door handle - camera cutting between man's reaction and his hand
  • 6.)
  • Bottom of stairs - same lighting as previous scene but now night time - camera focusing on marbles and then man after his fall - sounds of marbles rolling - camera following man as he rolls around
  • Stairs of attic - dark lighting, only one lamp - camera focusing on paint tin swinging then hits the man - man screaming, tin hitting mans head, man falling - camera on paint tin as it hits man then from roof of attic showing him fall
  • Front of house from side - street lights lighting street - camera focusing on boy zip-lining out of attic, police arriving, criminals arrested - police sirens after escape - wide camera angle of whole scene then individually focusing on each group of people
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