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Updated: 11/30/2017
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  • The day Melanie was found: The boys toilets.
  • Flash back... 2 months before
  • Older Sister Interview
  • ???????
  • On the sixth December Melanie was found dead ,after school, in the boys sixth form toilets. This toilet had been out of order for a while so no one had any idea when she died. Melanie looked a terrible state. There was no evidence that she had been murdered in a certain way , the only thing there was a cut in her arm in the shape of an X.
  • Body search
  • 2 months before her farther had died of a drug overdose. This left Melanie heart broken because she didn't have a mother either. Melanie looked just like her mother and that's what her farther loved about her. The responsibility of Melanie went into the hands of her older sister, who was 25.
  • Brother Interview
  • Melanie and her older sister, Sophie, were very close. She looked after her with love, care and all the things you need to have. When the older sister was interviewed she said: I was on my way back from work and was coming to pick Melanie up, but she never showed up. So I went looking for her in the school and I couldn't find her. I called, no response. I just assumed she had walked home. Unfortunately she never came home that night.
  • Reveal!!!
  • out of order
  • Let me out!!
  • Melanie's body was searched and the only thing was found were some pain relief. But what could she be taking pain relief for? Apart from that, there were no other clues.
  • Jon is 18 and is never in town. Hes is known for going against the law and previously just got released from prison. On the day Melanie died he said he was on his way down to say hello. His car was searched and they found an empty pot of pills that was recently bought.
  • Crime scene - do not enter - Crime Scene
  • Crime scene - do not enter - Crime Scene
  • Sophie did it!!!! John was telling the truth. To get rid of depression he was taking pain relief to relax him. Sophie was in debt. All of her dads money had gone to Melanie and it was in her account. If Melanie died the money went to the person that looked after her. Melanie was depressed after her fathers death and was self harming ( the x). Melanie was taking pain relief because the cuts hurt. Sophie wasn't feeding Melanie for at least 3 days. She locked Melanie in the toilets, which were out of order, so no water was working, causing her death.
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