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How the sea was made
Updated: 3/31/2019
How the sea was made
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  • Please help me be a god
  • Tudi the god of land was watching over the earths land with his little sister Hai who was not a god of any sort.
  • Hai told her older brother tudi that she wanted to be the god of some sort in the world, instead of being nobody. 
  • Hai kept tilling her older brother that she wanted to be a god but tudi did not care and just keep on Ingnoring her for the next hole mouth. 
  • Tudi had, had enough of his younger sister saying that she wanted to be a god. And Hai had, had enough of her older brother Ignoring him and wanted to do something. They started to have a fight with each other. Tudi grabbed his younger sister.
  • Hai saw a spear across the room leaning against the room, it was Hai's only choice she had nothing else to do so she grabbed the spear and stabbed her older brother to his death. and that was the death of tudi the god of land.
  • Hai was so sad what she had done and regretted it stright away. She could'it belive that she had killed her only brother. she cried and cried for ages, slowly her tears ran down to all the dryed up holes and fulled them up which created the sea. and that was how the sea was made. And also hai who was once the god of nothing and had nothing to do all day became the god of the sea just because of her tears and how she killed her brother.
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