English book project storyboard

Updated: 10/19/2020
English book project storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • The Hunt
  • The Way. I need to go through the Way
  • Characters
  • The Killing of the Stag
  • We Have to help him!
  • It's too late. The hunt is here.
  • Rook is running through the forest trying to escape from the Mor's wolf Guards.
  • The Dream
  • The main character is Jennifer or Fer, Rook is the puck(a shape shifter), Phouka ia Rook's puck brother who is in his horse form, and The Mor is bad guy that killed Fer's parents and took the power for herself.
  • The True Lady
  • When Fer comes through the way with Rook to go see the Lady she witnesses the killing of the beautiful stag which wasn't a stag at all, but a human in the form of one.
  • The Ritual
  • Ever since Fer met Rook for the first time she couldn't stop thinking about him and the box with her Dad's name on it. Fer has a dream of a beautiful girl stepping out of The Way. It was her mother Laurelin.
  • When Fer tries to go find answers without the Mor knowing she puts on her jacket that makes her invisible and slips into the Mor's tent to find out that the Lady's crown was dying and she wasn't who she said she was.
  • When Fer participates in the Mor's hunt she is forced to kill a troll, but Fer refused to spill the blood. The Mor turns on her and chases Fer and Phouka, but Rook is bound and won't let Fer get away. So Phouka stays behind to stop Rook and letting Fer escape.