Updated: 5/30/2020
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  • Three witches meet Macbeth and Banquo and make predictions about each of their futures. Ross and Angus arrive from the king to confirm the first of the predictions, that Macbeth is the new Thane of Cawdor. Macbeth contemplates what he should do to make the other predictions come true.
  • Macbeth's wife receives a letter from her husband describing his meeting with the witches and their predictions. He also says the king is coming to visit. Lady Macbeth call on spirits to fill her with cruelty so that she can be the strength Macbeth needs to kill the king. She assures Macbeth that she will take care of all the preparations for Duncan's visit
  • Macbeth kills Duncan in his sleep. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth become paranoid. Macbeth decided to kill King Duncan's chamber men in case they saw anything. King Duncan's sons flee the country and, without an heir, Macbeth is crowned King.
  • Rising Action•Macbeth becomes king
  • Macbeth kills Banquo and then his ghost enters and sits at the table of Macbeth's feast. The guests, who do not see the ghost, are startled by Macbeth’s horrified reaction. When the ghost disappears, they blame his poor behaviour on poor health. Then the ghost appears again and Lady Macbeth asks the guests to leave.
  • The former King's son, Malcolm is planning a rebellion against Macbeth with the help of Macduff. Macbeth killed Malcom's father and he killed Macduff's family
  • Lady Macbeth kills herself because of the guilt she feels and then Macduff kills Macbeth and Malcom comes on the throne as the rightful King.
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