The Tell-Tale Heart
Updated: 12/20/2019
The Tell-Tale Heart
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by Edgar Allan Poe

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  • I loved the old man, he never wronged me nor treated me less, but the thought of eliminating him had entered my mind.
  • He had an eye of a vulture! Pale and emotionless, that stared me down every time we talked.
  • During the week before I killed him, I had been the nicest I have ever been to him
  • For every midnight of the week, I peeked through his bedroom door with a dark lantern. I would undo the lantern and see that his vulture eye was behind a closed lid. It was hard for me to do the job, because, I wanted to kill him for the eye, not him.
  • The eighth night was when the deed was executed. My thumb had slipped upon the fastening. This made him jolt awake in fear. "Who's there?!" I heard him cry out into the darkness.
  • One glance at the vulture eye was all it took for me to kill him. I yelled loudly, leaping into the room and flipping the bed down onto the old man. It was done! I finally did it!
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