the landlady
Updated: 2/7/2020
the landlady

Storyboard Text

  • Good gracious me. How absolutely facinating
  • It must be most awfully difficult to do a thing like that
  • Not in the least. I stuff all my little pets myself when they pass away.
  • Will you have another cup of tea?
  • Oh, yes.
  • I still do that almost every day with mr Mulholland and Mr....Mr...
  • That`s good. Because later on, if I happen to forget what you were called, then i can always come down here and look it up
  • You did sign the book, didn`t you?
  • Temple. Gregory Temple. Excuse my asking, but haven`t there been any guests here in the last two or three years?
  • No, my dear. Only you
  • 3Alas, no longer
  • 4It`s most terribly clever the way it`s been done. It doesn`t look in the least bit dead. Who did it?
  • 1That parrot. You know something? It had me completely fooled when I first saw it through the window from the street.
  • 2I could have sworn it was alive.
  • 1I did.
  • 2You did?
  • Of course. And have you met my little Basil as well?