The Great Collision

Updated: 5/22/2021
The Great Collision

Storyboard Text

  • Moon mice
  • It's so cold!
  • It's so hot!
  • No, it's perfect for us!
  • Movement of celestial bodies
  • Guys, look! I can see the Earth in the far distance!
  • Is it just me or is the Earth closer?
  • Huge collision
  • Guys, what's happening?!
  • I don't know!!
  • WOAH!!!
  • There were once mice that lived on the moon. Within the mice population, there were 3 variations of mice. There were some small mice with light, thin fur and some huge mice wth dark, thick fur. But the majroity of the mice population were average sized and had average thickness of fur.
  • Floating in space
  • Ughhhh, when are we going to find a new home?
  • I don't know, but I'm tired of living in space!
  • The mice poopulation continued to live in peace for billions of years, with generations upon generations of mice that once lived on the moon. However, as the moon orbitted Earth, it gradually moved closer and closer.
  • Finding another planet
  • Until one day, 65 billion years later, Earth and the moon finally collided. The explosion was so great that all the moon mice were thrown into space. There were a few casualties from the initial explosion, but the majority were unharmed.
  • Adapted to new home: Saturn
  • I'm glad we were able to find a new home!
  • Me too!
  • For hundreds of thousands of years, the mice population floated throuh space, searching for a new home. The farther away they floated from the sun, the colder it got. Very slowly, the small and average-sized mice started to die out. And very slowly, the number of big mice with thick fur started to grow.
  • Me too!
  • After continuing to float for thousands of years, the mice population finally caught sight of some planets. They had passed by some planets and celestial bodies along the way, but they all looked uninhabitable.
  • Is that Saturn?
  • Is that Jupiter?
  • Woah, that's cool!
  • Where should we live?
  • In the end, the mice decided to live on Saturn. Because it was much farther away from the sun than the moon was, it was extremely cold. Through directional selection, only the big mice with thick, dark fur were able to survive, with very few thin furred mice left. Over time, the thick-furred mice passed on these favorable traits to their offspring.
  • Ah, it's so comfortable here!