Updated: 1/27/2020
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  • The Whiskey Rebelion
  • Washington's Reaction
  • The French Threat
  • George Washington was a great leader during the Wiskey Rebelion, because he showed great leadership. In the text, in the pages, 270-271, it states, "Washington sent federal troops to meet the challenge." This explains the amazing leadership skills of George Washington.
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • George Washington is a great leader because of his great ability to stay neutral. As stated, on the pages 272=273, it states, "President Washington issued the Proclamation of Neutrality, which prohibited Americans from fighting also barred French and British Warships from American ports." This explains how George did the right thing ad stayed away from the drama.
  • Broken Treaties
  • Thomas Jefferson stayed cool and calm during the French Threat. Evidence of this, is on pages, 296-297, where it states, " The news alarmed Thomas Jefferson." This explains it didn't scare him but it did alarm him, However he stayed calm and keeped calm.
  • War Hawks Call For War
  • Jefferson was a great leader for his amazing choices, such as purchasing Louisiana, As stated, on pages, 297-299, it states, "Jefferson was worried that such a large purchase might not be legal." But in the end it ended up being the greatest choice and will always be remembered in world history.
  • James Madison was a great leader because of his great ability to stay calm. Evidence of this , is on pages, 311-312, it states, "Madison also received news about problems in the west." But he ended not making a fuss and keeping his cool.
  • Another reason James Madison was a great leader as well, was because of his reactions and opinions of the War Hacks, as stated, on pages, 312-313, where is says, "Faced demands for a more aggressive policy towards Britain." This shows even when they made demands he stayed calm and choose not to over react. 
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