Charlotte's English Assessment
Updated: 11/9/2020
Charlotte's English Assessment

Storyboard Text

  • I saw juice so i decided its time to be naughty im going to spill it on this horrible dress!
  • Today is Pops birthday and we have to go to Grandma's house to celebrate and grandma said she had a surprise for me.
  • Honey hurry up and get in the car.
  • Coming mum!
  • Oh um....ok i'll try it on.
  • Oh hello my gabby this is your surprise.
  • Wow Gabby beautiful.
  • Ew!
  • Thanks Mi Mi and popalove it.
  • hahaha realy!
  • Yum juice!
  • Ooops.
  • Are you nearly done!well I'm coming in.
  • I'm nearly done mi mi.*sobs*
  • Oh that's ok i could of got a different one.
  • Mi mi im realy sorry i just hated that dress.*sobs*
  • Oh sweet Gabby thats ok why didn't you tell me?
  • I didn't want to upset you!
  • Oh ok?sorry though i spilled the juice on purpose