How I Grew in Grade 5
Updated: 6/2/2020
How I Grew in Grade 5

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  • How I Grew in Grade 5
  • My favorite memory in 5th grade is international day, and spending time with my friends and teachers.
  • I learned many new vocabularies in 5th grade, and I also learned many facts in social studies.
  • By: Charlotte
  • Some challenge I have faced in 5th grade is not able to see my friends and teachers, and having hard map tests.
  • I learned that we could go to heaven if we believe in Jesus, and I also learned that God loves us so much that he send his son to die for us.
  • At the beginning of the school year, I don't know many things, like why Jesus died for us, and I don't know what it is like to be in 5th grade, I thought 5th grade is going to be scary, but it's actually the opposite, it's really fun in 5th grade. And now I learned many new things too.
  • I'm going to miss 5th grade.