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Three Billy Goats Gruff & Fake News
Updated: 6/20/2020
Three Billy Goats Gruff & Fake News
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  • Soon we will run out of grass to eat!
  • All of the grass is dying because the sun is drying it out!
  • Just across the bridge is more grass! We have to go there.
  • We just have to get by the troll that lives under it.
  • I am going to eat you small billy goat gruff!
  • I wouldn't do that, your taxes may increase if you do!
  • There were once three billy goats gruff, small billy goat gruff, medium billy goat gruff, and big billy goat gruff.
  • I wouldn't do that, if you ate me you wouldn't be able to carry your weapons anymore!
  • I didn't eat your brother, but I am going to eat you billy goat gruff!
  • They noticed a bridge leading to new, fresh grass, but knew a mean troll lived under it who liked to eat goats.
  • I didn't eat the other two billy goats, but I am going to eat you!
  • The first billy goat gruff tried to cross the bridge and get by the troll.
  • Now we have all this new grass to eat before the sun kills it!
  • The second billy goat gruff noticed that the first billy goat gruff was sucessful with crossing and he tried to cross himself.
  • The third billy goat gruff saw that both his younger billy goat gruff brothers had crossed the bridge sucessfully, so he tried to do the same.
  • I wouldn't do that, the police may come and take you away!
  • All three billy goat gruffs had successfully crossed the bridge and the troll was never seen again. The end.
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