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  • What Are The Forces?
  • I'll be home in 10 to help you more, bye!
  • Well, let me tell you something! Without those forces, we would not be where we are right now because those forces shape our very existence!
  • Cassidy
  • Sure, what are the forces?
  • Hey sis! I'm working on a project in science and it's about forces. I was wondering if you could help me?
  • Gravity, friction, elastic, and magnetism.
  • Ok, bye!
  • The Force of Gravity
  • So, Galileo Galilei was the one to invent the concept of gravity?
  • Woah, really!?
  • What even is gravity?
  • Let's start off with gravity.
  • No, Issac Newton was the first. He came up with this theory when an apple fell onto his lap.
  • Gravity is the force that attracts an object to another object with mass. It's what keeps the planets in order and what keeps us from floating into space!
  • If you drop a 10lb. bowling ball and a cotton ball at the same hight, they will both reach the floor at the same time. The first person to test this was Galileo Galilei. Another thing to know is that gravity gives us weight and that mass does not effect your weight.
  • Wow! 4 DIFFERENT types!? That's incredible!
  • The Force of Friction
  • Really? I had no idea!
  • Did you know that skateboarding requires friction?
  • It uses rolling friction because your skateboard is rolling across the ground. There are 4 types of friction. Rolling which I already explained, sliding is when two solid surfaces slide across each other, static is when an object is resting on a surface, and lastly, fluid is where a solid object moves through a fluid.
  • Believe it or not trampolines wouldn't exist without the elastic force!
  • To understand this force you need to know Newton's 3 Laws of Motion and Hooke's Law.
  • Cassidy is right! Without gravity, friction, elasticity, and magnetism our world wouldn't be the same! We wouldn't be able to sit, walk, jump on trampolines, or watch T.V.!
  • The Force of Elastic
  • This is fun and all, but why do we have to be on a trampoline to learn about the elastic force?
  • Another important thing to remember when it comes to gravity is that gravity pulls on everything, including the air we breathe. Gravity pulls everything towards the center of the Earth and what makes all the planets round. The larger something is, the greater the gravitational pull is which is how all the other planets stay in orbit around the sun.
  • The Force of Magnetism
  • Really, what are they?
  • Some of them are repulsive or attracted. Also, magnetism comes from minerals found inside the Earth and since the Earth is so full of these minerals the Earth is basically a giant magnet! The only things that can stick to magnets are iron, nickel, and cobalt. That phone you're holding is also made of magnets!
  • Did you know that there are two types of magnets?
  • Wow! Thanks Cassidy! I never knew any of this before! Now I can work on my project and get an A+!
  • There are 4 different types of friction and they are all used in different scenarios. You use rolling friction when you drive a car, sliding friction when writing on a piece of paper, static friction when you pull out a chair, and fluid friction when you go swimming!
  • Conclusion
  • Newton's first law is inertia, the second is force equals mass times acceleration, and the third law is that every reaction has an equal but opposite reaction.
  • The elastic force is when an elastic material is stretched or compressed, it gives an elastic force.
  • Hooke's law states that the force a spring exerts depends on how far it's stretched.
  • Another key thing to know when learning about the elastic force is what elasticity is. Elasticity is when an object is able to return to its original shape after being compressed or stretched by an external force. A great example of when the elastic force is at its finest is bungee jumping!
  • Now that I know the laws what exactly is the elastic force?
  • What's Hooke's Law?
  • Newton's Law?
  • I heard something about a magnetic field? What is it exactly?
  • Magnets also have two poles, north, and south. Since the Earth is a giant magnet the north and south poles are actual north and south poles of the magnet. That's why when you hold a compass it's always pointing north! The Earth's magnetic field is strongest at its poles which is where you can find the northern or southern lights!
  • The Earth's magnetic field made from melted iron and nickel and the spin of the Earth makes the electrons flow in huge loops! The magnetic field is so strong it extends all the way into space!
  • The forces of gravity, friction, elastic, and magnetism all shape the world around us and without those forces the world as we know it would not be!
  • Anytime Lilly! Just remember all of the stuff I told you and you'll ace that project of yours!
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