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American Revoution
Updated: 1/13/2020
American Revoution
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Chase Rinaldi

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  • We are the Sons of Liberty and we oppose the Stamp Act!
  • We will burn these effigies until you give us what we want!
  • You will pay extra for all printed materials whether you like it or not!
  • The British are coming!
  • Hold your gunfire until they get closer!
  • Oh no! I'm out of gunpowder!
  • Stamp ActThe Stamp Act was passed in 1765 by Parliament. The law taxed printed material. Everything had to have a stamp on it to prove it was paid for. A boycott happened and within a year the British lost more money than it was worth so cancelled the law.
  • We will cross the icy waters of the Delaware and sneak attack tonight!
  • Battle of Lexington and ConcordIn the beginning the minutemen were outnumbered and ended up losing eight of their men. When the redcoats moved on they were met by more minutemen and battled. It was not good for them. More minutemen surprised them along the way and killed and injured many of them.
  • We surrender!
  • Woohoo! Another victory for us!
  • Battle Of Bunker HillThis battle took place across from Boston harbor. The redcoats didn't have much ammunition, but they were smart and only used it when necessary. The Americans ran out of gunpowder and had to surrender, so the British won the Battle.
  • We give up! You win!
  • We will have our independence soon enough!
  • Battle of TrentonIn 1776, Washington led a surprise attack on the British in New Jersey. On Christmas night they crossed the Delaware River from Pennsylvania and attacked.
  • Turning Point Battle of SaratogaOctober 1777, General Burgoyne surrendered. The British plan had failed. The Continental Army was victorious in a huge way. This changed the course of the war.
  • Battle of YoThe Battle of Yorktown was the last Battle of YorktownThis was the last great battle of the American Revolutionary War. The defeat at Yorktown made the British realize that the war was too expensive to keep going. The British Army surrendered and their government started to consider a peace treaty.
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