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Updated: 2/18/2020
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  • Parvana
  • Mother
  • Maryam
  • Parvana characters traits are she is brave ,strong , hardworking Because she was providing food and money for her family.Brave because she went as a boy outside her home.strong becuase she fought the talibian off.
  • Nooria
  • Mothers character traits are caring ,overproctective and brave because she walk like 30 miles to get her husband back,caring because she was scared to have parvana go as a boy and didnt want her to get hurt and overprotect because she didnt want parvna to stay at the house by herself.
  • Mrs.weera
  • Maryam characters traits are loving ,caring,helpful because she was there for parvana when she was at her lowest,helpful because whatever parvana needs she gets or even does it.
  • Shauzia
  • nooria's character traits are mean ,smart and caring because at the end when parvana gave her thr gift she started crying and smart because she can read and in afghanistan girls cant go to school.mean because she used to bully parvana.
  • Mrs.weera character traits are helpful,loving,hopeful becuase she had hope that the dad will come back ,helpful because she help with food and making it for the family ,loving because when oma came she showed her all the love and effection.
  • .Shauzia character traits are selfish because she only wnats things for herself like when they were talking about money shauazia told she gonna keep the money all to herself
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