Setting/Allusion Analysis Project
Updated: 11/30/2020
Setting/Allusion Analysis Project

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Looking into how the setting effects the plot in the story's "By the waters of Babylon" and "Marigolds".

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  • Hello, my name is Charlotte Shine! Today we are going to take a closer look on how the setting of the story's "By the waters of Babylon" and "marigolds" impact the plot. But before we do, lets summarize what we know about each of the settings so far!
  • The story "Marigolds" takes place during the Great Depression. The protagonist of the story, Lizabeth, lives in a shanty town with her family.
  • The story "By the Waters of Babylon" takes place in a post-apocalyptic era. Where they collect "metal" and worship "gods".
  • The setting in both stories effected the plot by developing and helping the characters to grow. In the story "Marigolds", we read about a girl who realizes that she's growing up and will start to have to deal with the problems of the world. However, if the setting had been different she might not have felt that way so soon. The story was set in a shanty town during the great depression. That meant that life was already hard enough, but when Lizabeth overheard her parents discussion, she snapped. If the story had been set during our time (before corona) then things would have been completely different. Her family might have had good jobs, and they might have had more money to keep them on their feet. If that had been the case, Lizabeth might not have felt how she did. It is mentioned that the Marigolds were a spot of beauty among the ugliness of its surroundings. If the place had looked different then the children might not have felt that hate toward the flowers appearance. Lizabeth had taken her anger out on those flowers because of her hate towards them. Because they stood out amongst everything else. I can relate to how Lizabeth felt because in a sense her world relates to mine. I've seen family suffer quietly and then i became so angry at life that I took my rage out on something/someone that had done nothing to deserve it. So in a way, her world and mine are alike.
  • In the story "By the Waters of Babylon", a bot named John sets out on a quest for knowledge. The setting that he lives in and experiences during his travels help him grow in ways that normal people might never even think about. When John travels to the place of the Gods, he learns that they were just humans like him and his people. Because it was all in ruins and their beliefs were based of the "dead' places, he couldn't share his knowledge. But if John had met the Gods, he might have told everyone and then that would be the end of the story. Or he could have stayed with them and learned more from the Gods. A way that the setting effects John as a character is the way that his people's beliefs are centered. He gained new knowledge on his trip but he can't share it with his family. They might reject his ideas and cast him out. So he lives with the burden of knowing and carries on like nothing happened. I can also relate to John because of the way things stand in the world right now. We all feel a certain way about the current situation but for me personally, I feel like I owe it to my family to take care of them. Especially my sister, I have to put on an act to keep her happy, and hopefully soon I won't have to anymore.
  • These may only be a few examples, but they show just how much the setting can affect the world around you. In each story, the character, the events that they experience, and the outcomes of those events are all largely impacted by the setting.