Churban part 2: Rabban Yochanan ben Zakai
Updated: 7/16/2020
Churban part 2: Rabban Yochanan ben Zakai
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  • R' Yochanan ben Zakai came up with a plan to help Yerushalayim. his closest followers spread word that he was dead.
  • Under the cover of darkness his talmidim snuck the "body" out of the city.
  • Abba Sikra, R' Yochanan ben Zakai's nephew, the leader of the Biryonim , helped get the him past the Briyoni guards.
  • It will be a chillul Hashem
  • One stab will see if he's actually dead
  • Just then a messenger came saying Caesar had died and Vespasian was new King.
  • I am not the king and to say I am is treasonous and I should kill you for saying that!
  • Peace to you o' king! Peace to you o' king!
  • you are destined to conquer Yerushalayim and the one who does will be a king
  • I will grant you 3 requests
  • 1. Leave Yavne and its chachamim.2. Spare the descendants of Rabban Gamliel. 3. Send doctors to heal R' Tzaddok who fasted for 40 years to help Yerushalayim
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