Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Julie wakes up and wonders what to do on her first day of summer.
  • Why playing a video game on her computer Julie gets a phone call from her friend who askes her if she wants to go to a theme park. Julie shouts "yes" down the phone.
  • Run
  • What the...
  • Julie and her friends decide that they want to go on a rollercoster.
  • While looking for the rollercoster Julie and her friends get lost. While they are lost one of Julies friends notice a shadow out the corner of their eye.
  • Out of no where a scary ghost pops out and starts terrozing Julie and her friends.
  • After Running for ages Julie and two of her friends notice that one of their friends is missing. Julie starts to cry and the other two become very upset. Years later and there has been still no sign of Julies friend.