LA 4-5
Updated: 5/3/2019
LA 4-5

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  • During the fight
  • I killed him..
  • After
  • Ponyboy comes home late and Darry is there and he slaps so hard he gets launched to the door causing him to want Ponyboy to run away.
  • Pony goes to the vacant parking lot where he was with Johnny and he wakes him up and says "Wake up, were running away" so he goes without saying anything because he gets abused at home. Thus, they go to a nearby park. And a fight happens with the rival and Johnny stabs one of them.
  • After the fight they go to Dally's house for help since Johnny had murdered one of the Socs, so he gave them 50 bucks, a gun loaded, and his jacket he was wearing. With that he said to go to a town and go to the back of a church and buy food for a week. So they did.
  • When Johnny and Ponyboy are there at the church and they smoke, also leaving a lit cigar. Causing a fire, so when both of them come back they see a fire at the church and people there too. So they ask what happened, the figure out what happened so they go in there and try and act heroic and try to save the children that are inside. Nearly getting burned and passing out because of all the smoke.
  • Ponyboy wakes up in a car thinking that he was going to jail but he was actually an, an ambulance. And ask where they were going and where was Johnny. And the EMS tells him that he didn't suffer much because he wore a jacket, and his friend was an another ambulance in the back. And their heading to the hospital.
  • Johnny is in the hospital and Sodapop and Darry come there and their is also new reporters there, so Sodapop and Darry distract them so Ponyboy and Johnny can get some rest and answer the questions for them and take most of the photos too. These photos also go into the newspaper so now the socs know their back in town so now the greasers have to keep a look out again.
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