digestive system

Updated: 5/19/2020
digestive system

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  • *smaller pieces*
  • *close up*
  • *close up of the stomach*
  • First a bite is taken from the sandwich. The food is chewed, breaking it into smaller pieces. The sandwich is then mixed with saliva containing enzymes.
  • *close up of the small intestine*
  • The semi digested food then passes through the tube known as the oesophagus. A wave-like motion moves the food down the tube and into the stomach
  • *close up of the small intestine*
  • Once it has reached the stomach, the food is mixed with gastric juices to make it a thicker density
  • *close up of the large intestine*
  • Then it passes through the stomach and into the small intestines. Within the small intestines, the food is mixed with enzymes to further break the food.
  • As the food motions around the small intestine, some of the nutrients gets absorbed into the blood.
  • Following that, it enters the large intestine where water is reabsorbed. Leftovers that cant be digested end up as feces which leave the body through the anus.