life in pompeii
Updated: 5/24/2020
life in pompeii

Storyboard Text

  • Only few houses had current water so most citizens went to take it at public funtains.
  • People got up very early in the morning to start their work
  • Everyone worked, from noble merchants to slaves.
  • Shops were open, farmers were in the fields. Everyone was performing his personal job.
  • In the forum people talked, walked, discussed about problems of the town.
  • Streets were crowded,markets were full of life and citizens bought what they needed.
  • Sometimes rich noblemen offered to the town an exhibition of gladiators and so people went to the anphitheatre
  • Then it was the time of the thermal baths.
  • They were cheap and also slaves can use them. It was the best way to relax and to have fun.
  • In the evening, there weren't many possiblities of entertainment.
  • people had dinner eating olives and eggs, but also meat or fish.