Scenes from RA books

Updated: 6/11/2020
Scenes from RA books

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Scenes from the RA books

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  • "'Of course,'" (162).
  • "'Alyss,' he said quietly, 'I love you. I always have'" (164).
  • "'Kill the Ranger,'" (161).
  • "'Gilan did well on the first one,' Halt said absently" (140)."'Yes. I couldn't help thinking the Genovesans might have something cooked up for us.' Again Will frowned. 'Genovesans? How many do you think there are?' Halt looked at him, momentarily
  • spent with Halt, heard the Ranger raise his voice to Abelard. Rangers just didn't do that with their horses.
  • confused. 'Two,' he said. Then he shook his head. 'No. One of course. You got one of them, didn't you?' 'We both got him,' Will reminded him" (141)."'My eyes? There's nothing wrong with my eyes! And don't crowd in on me like that! You're bothering Abelard!'" (144).
  • "'Because while we waste time here, Farrell and his henchmen are getting farther and farther away!'" (145).
  • "'Yes. I was. Because it hurts. Let yourself get shot by a crossbow one of these days and you'll know about that! Now are we going to dillydally here all day talking about my eyes and my arm and worrying about my horse? Be still, Abelard!' He snapped. Will's jaw dropped. He had never, ever, in the time he had