buying a house
Updated: 2/13/2020
buying a house

Storyboard Text

  • I have the perfect house for you and its right in your budget
  • I would like to buy a house for me and my husband, our budget is $2000 a month
  • Here we are. The down payment for this house is $4000 upfront.
  • Yup looks good.
  • I love it! Its also very affordable!
  • And you can build equity over time as you make payments
  • Its so much cheaper to buy than rent because we can renovate.
  • Without a landlord banging on our door saying that we cant do that and our rent went up
  • I love it here and the advantages are that we can paint the walls and you can build a shed for yourself
  • And we would finally own a house instead of staying with your mother and paying her rent.
  • Yeah but what if there is something wrong and then we have to pay for it to get fixed.
  • Or what if were here for a long time and we have a family and this isn't big enough. we cant just move.
  • A place like this doesn't stay open for long and I think we should get it while we can.
  • Ok but if there is anything wrong with this place, we are both going to have to work over time. I hope your ready for that
  • thats great ill get you the paperwork and we can get this settled fro you as soon as we can.
  • we'll take it!