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pick up ur rubbish
Updated: 8/31/2020
pick up ur rubbish
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Storyboard Text

  • the world is filled with trash caused by the greed of people who buy objects for temporary happiness and enjoyment just to throw it away into the trash.
  • these items go into the nature of the world killing off wild life and plants.
  • these items which are thrown away into wildlife which can endanger both plants and animals
  • rubbish can be mistaken for food for animals causing them to choke and die on the rubbish, roughly 1 Million marine animals die yearly from rubbish alone, with roughly 100 thousand land animals dying from rubbish
  • plant life is just as endangered as animals from rubbish, land plants can absorb the rubbish and die from the toxicity, and in this case it doesn't even need to be rubbish. the buddha statues in Japan are made of copper which can kill plant life from the flowing copper eons released by it.
  • over 500 plants have gone extinct from humans littering and causing rubbish pollution.
  • stop littering, it doesn't take much to put your rubbish in your pocket until you encounter a bin. wanting to get rid of your rubbish isn't worth the destruction of plant and animal life.
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