comicc 1

Updated: 10/15/2020
comicc 1

Storyboard Text

  • An event that changed my life,was eight months ago, in march exctly
  • we are living a difficult situation, but we will see you soon
  • yes, see you in april
  • i am talking about the pandemic, we all thought it would only be a couple of months,but it wasn´t
  • don´t worry the COVID will end soon
  • the biggest change was the school, the onine classes became stressful
  • i can´t hear my teacher
  • many things changed for example gyms cosed,
  • great, now i will have to exercise at home
  • when the pandemic started , i felt very scared, and as time went by i felt more scared
  • i don´t want to get sick or make my family sick
  • the pandemic not only changed my life, it changed everyone´ s life
  • everything is closed, the city looks so lonely