Updated: 2/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • We need to be careful to not get cought, ill distract the guard while you go in.
  • Okay, meet me on the third floor. Be careful if you get caught their going to kill you.
  • I can't... You need to leave. I need to stay here to help our comunity. It's for the best. i'm going to be okay
  • Please come with me Rafi, I came back to come and get you and to get revenge on our father. Please come with me your not safe here.
  • We don't have long before the system is put back to normal, but please listen to what we need to say. Yes, what you are seeing is real, We are twin sisters. We have some news for you about our Father. You'll be able to say anything on any program until the systems are restored.
  • I'm Rafi the one you all know our father has kept Frey locked away our entire life. She's acted as my bodyguard to protect me at ll costs.
  • And im Frey, i've gone to every event that Rafi has and protected her from any attacks. Our father tried to kill me with an attack and thought i was dead all this time. He is cruel and heartless and doesn't care about what he does. he had people put me through pain for years ever since i was a little girl in order to be Rafi's bodyguard and nothing more.