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Natural Selection & Adaptation
Updated: 5/8/2020
Natural Selection & Adaptation
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  • An example of natural selection and adaptation is the creation of polar bears, which is believed to have evolved from brown bears.
  • During a point in time when Eurasia was covered in glaciers and the Arctic Ocean was frozen, it is believed that a group of brown bears in the north split off from their ancestors in search of food.
  • The bears attempted to hunt for food, but they couldn't blend into the snow and were noticed by their prey.
  • Eventually, a mutation arose which allowed the bears to blend into the white snow around them.
  • Bears without white fur usually starved to death due to being unable to hunt and catch prey, so bears with the gene reproduced more. As a result, the number of bears with white fur increased over time.
  • Polar bears evolved as a result of natural selection in which bears with white fur were more adapted and suited to the snowy environment and were the "fittest".
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