Updated: 11/25/2020

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  • Father, son, holy spirit, Amen
  • Your doing the religous beliefs wrong!
  • No! you just dont believe!
  • Martin Luther was a german monk and an expert on christianity. He was born in 1484 and died in 1546, he grew up and lived in Germany.
  • I believe....
  • Martin Luther was well know for his many achievements and occupations including: monk, translater, priest, author, lawyer, professor, and a protestor in 1517.
  • Believe me....
  • You don't Believe
  • You are wrong!
  • Go away
  • During his studies Martin Luther began having some doubts about roman Catholicism. he wrote a document about the catholic procedures in the catholic church and then started to protest against it.
  • When Martin Luther started protesting he stuck 95 diffrent reasons why we should protest about it onto the church door and protested at the university. It was named the 95 diffrent thesis. " The bible is alive it speaks to me; it has feet; it runs to me; it has hands; it lays hold of me
  • Over time Martin Luther became excommunicated to the catholic church. He ran away becoming a heretic. The church thought Martin Luther was lying and disrespectful for protesting against gods and the catholic churches beliefs.
  • By Matin Luthers actions the catholic church became effectively impact on his rights and beliefs. After the reformation Martin Luther has changed history and religon forever, with their guidelines, religon and traditions.