School concerns- english
Updated: 2/9/2020
School concerns- english

Storyboard Text

  • Quantum Physics
  • How the gross domestics product of iceland was effected by EU quotas
  • back in the olden days...
  • One of the strongest points that the author states are how kids would feel stressed: knowing quantum physics by the age of 10 and if not go get a tutor.
  • mmm are you sure??
  • for the kids, we need to teach them harder things especially when they are young
  • Ok, I think it is a great idea
  • Another point is, how stressed kids can be and not having a right balanced life with school over everything, not having enough sleep due to essays or not even light texting because she has to finish off work.
  • It may be for the best and we can give the kids the support they need.
  • we have both decided that it would be best for kids to have more work for a better future.
  • what if they get too stressed out?
  • The last main point is back in the olden days, kids had it easier now so when parents feel like there kids are taking on too much they would compare it when they had to go to school.. "did I have this much work to do?" or "was I as stressed as my kid when I was at school?"
  • Honey, do you feel in any way that you are sad or stressed out at school?
  • We always see you working and you never seem to have time to go out..
  • we are just worried about you.
  • Understanding hard and challenging things when you are young makes it easier to take in all of the information so schools specifically makes young kids learn harder things for them to remember more easily.
  • The school may just want the best for the kids, they want them to have a good future and by that you need hard work even if it means losing some hours of sleep or even having to sacrifice some free time.
  • Parents just wants best for there kids and so they have a soft spot for them so when parents feel that there kids are stressed and unhappy they will try there best to make there kids feel better.
  • yeah, i'm fine just a little stressed but it is all good.