it only happens in the movies
Updated: 9/12/2018
it only happens in the movies
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  • The second I saw Harry I knew he was one of those charms all type of guys so I knew not to let myself fall for him, my heart had just been broken but he convinced me to take part in a zombie apocalypse movie that he was making and we become close.
  • Ohh...hey
  • Hey, whats going on
  • This is Harry, you'll be working with him and he will be showing you the ropes.
  • After the shoot, everyone piled in the car can got high except Audrey
  • I'm gonna eat your brains out
  • Please, don't do this, I love you, help somebody, HELPPP
  • Readyyy...anddd ACTION!
  • Agghhhh, she stole my spot as the zombie bride
  • Get over it Rosie, Looking' good, it's coming along great
  • harry and Audrey resolve their conflict and
  • Come on, its not like that, let it go
  • I can not believe you, you have brought all your other girls here! I'm not like them, why would you treat me like that, I thought I was different
  • Harry, what are you doing here. You're high again and you're going to wake my mum
  • Audreyyy
  • Audrey Winters, I think I'm falling in love with you...ZZZZZ
  • Audrey's mum got very out of control and is taken to the hospital for injuring herself
  • This isn't your fault, dad is being so unreasonable, we don't deserve this
  • I cant believe him, I want to kill him. He is to making us move out, this our house, not his
  • you can't just light a few candle and.....I cant forgive you Harry, I whispered into his ear, I'm sorry, but I can't. I told you not to break my heart
  • I did all of this for you, I love you, Do you forgive me?
  • I felt the same way, but before I could say it back he had alreadty drifted off to sleep
  • Audreys dad left a few years ago because he cheated on his wife with another lady then got her pregnant
  • Harry comes closer, this time brushing up against her Audrey and wiping a tear from her face with his thumb, i didnt even know it was there
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