Social Change Great Depression Cartoon
Updated: 6/22/2020
Social Change Great Depression Cartoon
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  • My great grandfather was devastated about losing his job. Especially because he had a 3-year-old son and his wife was pregnant. The only thing he could think to do was to find a way to steal without getting caught. Because of the Great Depression, many people resorted to stealing to provide for their families.
  • Hey guys! My name is Hailey! Thanks for watching this video on my Youtube channel! It means a lot! Today, I'm going to talk about a story my great grandfather always used to tell me when I was a kid about his life during the Great Depression. This story has always shaped the way I choose to live my life and I wanted to share his story to maybe help some other kids out there who are going through a rough time.
  • During the Great Depression, my great grandfather had just gotten married. He and his wife just had their first child, a bouncing baby boy! At this time, the war had greatly changed the society. 
  • New York 1920
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  • Because of the Great Depression, my great grandfather lost his job in 1923 working at the factories. Now, he was stuck without a job and no way to feed his growing family.
  • New York 1923
  • My great grandfather was a really honorable man so this hurt him to steal. Because of this, he turned himself in.
  • He ended up going to jail for about a year. My grandfather always told me that this was one of the worst things he had ever done in his life, besides letting his family down.
  • After my great grandfather got out of jail, he was able to find a job and provide for his family in the way he always wanted to.
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