Updated: 1/18/2019

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  • i got me a new cup for my coffee! 
  • We must protect our king! That is our duty and we owe him our loyalty! How are ya'll gonna walk out on him when he needs us and he was there for us when we needed him? I will help you Beowulf!! 
  • Bruh this sword was supposed to be good
  • A stranger steals a gold cup while the dragon is sleeping. When the dragon finds out he becomes very angry and begins to terrorize Heorot. Beowulf who is old now knows he's gonna lose this battle and die but being the hero he is he takes the challenge anyway.
  • When Beowulf doesn't get the upper hand in battle his men believe if he can't defeat the dragon then they can't either. The men run away and leave him except for one. Wiglaf stands up and yells at the men about their loyality and how they owe the king thier lifes and real heroes never un from a batle.
  • Beowulf takes another sword to battle thinking it's better than his current one given to him by Unferth. He sword however fails him in battle and his shield is melted by the dragons fire.
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