Napoleon Bonaparte
Updated: 3/31/2020
Napoleon Bonaparte
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This is a comic strip describing the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Storyboard Text

  • Hello everyone! My name is Napoleon Bonaparte, and I want to tell you a little bit about me!
  • I first started to get noticed when I suppressed a Parris riot in 1795, and after that the Directors chose me to lead the French forces against the Austrians.
  • YEAH!!
  • Lets march at night, fight on Sundays, and fight in the rain!
  • The people started to love me, but the Directors did not. So I decided to overthrow them and make my own government called the Consulate.
  • YEESS!!
  • Laisse coup d'etat le Directors!
  • The people of France absolutely loved me. I helped France sign peace treaties with Austria, I began public work programs, I founded the Bank of France, I set up an equitable tax system, gave public education, and created Code Napoleon
  • After all this work, I am finally crowned emperor in 1804
  • I created the Continental system in attempt to try and stop British trade; leading British to collapse, but people were not very fond with the idea. People started resisting the continental system because they too were suffering from the loss of British trade. Countries started to revolt, and attack leading to many wars. (Russia)
  • I was finally defeated in Germany, in the Battle of Nations. So the European coalition forced me to abdicate, and they allowed me to go to the small island of Elba. I escaped Elba and was later banished to Saint Helena.
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