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Updated: 4/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • No I'm not okay!I think I'm getting bullied online and I don't know what to do!
  • Hey sis are you okay?
  • Do you know the people that are bullying you?
  • Yes they are in my maths class at school
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  • Thank you for telling me this! I think you should tell Mum and Dad as they will know what to do
  • I need to talk to your teacher about this and organise a meeting as this is not on at all!
  • Sweetheart, you should report and block them off all social media platforms so this won't happen again
  • Mum and Dad I think people in my maths class are bullying me online
  • I'm sorry you feel that way and I won't do it again
  • I'm sorry I didn't realise I was bullying you online it was only supposed to be a joke
  • I didn't mean to hurt your feelings
  • I'm really sorry this definitely wasn't a cool thing to do
  • I am very disappointed in all of you as no type of bullying should be done by any one of my students inside or outside of the school environment.
  • Thank you for telling me this and I will make sure to raise more awareness of this issue around the school