Babylonian myth
Updated: 12/20/2019
Babylonian myth
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Marduk assigned the jobs of other gods.

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  • Understood Lord Marduk
  • Yes Lord Marduk
  • Anu your gonna be the god of sky, Enlil your gonna become the god of the air, and Ea your gonna be the god of deep.
  • Of course my Lord
  • Then Marduk assigned places to all the other gods, andhe created luminaries to shine in the heavens-even thesun and the moon and the stars-and he arranged thetimes and seasons of their movements. And he madecourses for the stars, and he determined the lengths ofthe months; and he opened a gate in the east whencethe sun might come forth at dawn, and a gate in thewest whither it might repair at dusk.
  • "Lord Marduk you have given us places and stations and assigned to each of us a task But none have you appointed to serve us and sustain us while we perform them.
  • "I know what I will do," said he to himself. "I will take blood and bone and fashion a little puppet. Its name shall be Man. Man shall serve the gods and tend their needs while they perform their tasks!"
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