Map Of Maycomb
Updated: 3/16/2021
Map Of Maycomb

Storyboard Text

  • Tom Robinson vs Mr.Gilmore Court Case
  • Post Office Incident
  • African American's/Calpurnia's Church
  • Mr.Gilmore was taking Tom Robinson to court because he claimed Tom raped his daughter Mayella. The judge's verdict was that Tom is guilty even though with all the evidence provided, it's clear that Tom Robinson is innocent.
  • Atticus says "I wish Bob Ewell wouldn't chew tobacco". But then as Atticus was leaving the post office, Bob Ewell cursed and spat at Atticus and Bob even jeopardized Atticus by saying he was going to kill him.
  • During one of the church sessions Helena and her family couldn't leave because they didn't have enough money. Being the nice man, Reverned Sykes yells at the congregation and makes everyone help may Helen so that they may leave.