The Other Wes Moore
Updated: 12/12/2019
The Other Wes Moore
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  • "hey..."
  • "What's up Wes, you're home early."
  • "Hey kiddo, you good?"
  • "I'm fine, just feel sick, now go away. I'm not trying to talk to you."
  • He began the slow, painful journey back down the hill, his stomach still empty after he'd tried unsuccessfully to eat at the restaurant, his head aching from the THC now swimming through his body.
  • "Oh boy you are in for it now son. If you keep this bulls**t up you are going to end up like your father. A know life drug addict who doesn't care for his family and can't get a steady job. Now do you want that! You better stay in school and learn your basic life skills. I've tried to raise you the best I can, but it seems you couldn't give two craps. I gave up. You either get your act together or stay the no life kid that you are!"
  • "I could care less."
  • When Wes got to the house, his mother's boyfriend, who was living with them when he wasn't back home with his wife, was sitting in the living room, directly next to the front door...
  • The boyfriend knew exactly what had happened, even before Wes ran to his room. All because of the staggering smell of liquor.
  • "What the heck just happened! Maybe I should've listened to mom this whole time and decide to do something with my life."
  • Wes's mom came running into the room furious about the news she had been told by her boyfriend...
  • After the huge rant by his mom, Wes was so drowsy that he could barely keep his eyes open. He then fell into a deep sleep and had the most bizzare dream. In this dream, Wes was put in his dad's shoes and realized how bad his life would turn out if he didn't go to school and if he kept doing and selling drugs. He kept tossing and turning in his bed scared of what was to come next
  • Wes realized how bad his life could turn out to be. He then would go onto listen to his mom's words and start to go to school more often and get out of the drug business.
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