Updated: 1/9/2020
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  • SCENE 1
  • "yo i need food bro lets sneak out of hear and go to the cafeteria"."same lets go bro".
  • SCENE 2
  • SCENE 3
  • Students are in detention and want to leave because they are hungry.
  • SCENE 4
  • Come on this door leads to the cafeteria
  • Students see that the teacher is sleeping and decide to capitalize on this opportunity by sneaking out.
  • SCENE 5
  • I dont think this is the cafeteria. what happened to our school?
  • Idk its like we are in a different time.
  • Students have successfully sneak out of detention and everything so far seems normal.
  • SCENE 6
  • O my gosh we hit the jackpot!! This way better than food.
  • Students are about to enter what they remember as the cafeteria. But little do they know...
  • Ok on my way we will finally be able to eat
  • Everything is different and students are in shock but still want to do some exploring.
  • wait there is a door over there lets see what it leads to
  • Students wander into a room and find tons of gold that will make them set for life. The boys take as much of the gold as they can and can now eat all the stuff they want and live happily ever after. You know what they say FINDERS KEEPERS !!
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