Unknown Story
Updated: 2/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • All of the animals need to go to the barn right now for a meeting. I need to say something very important!
  • I'm eager to see what Old Major has to say!
  • Me too! I wonder what it's about.
  • Last night I had a dream about what it would be like if animals ruled the world instead of humans. I think thatis what we ought to do. Do you guys realize how bad Jones treats us?!
  • He does?
  • And the harness from our back!
  • Cruel whips no more should crack!
  • Yes! Do you know what is going to happen to all of you one day? Well, all of the pigs will get turned into bacon! We need to put a stop to this! I'm going to teach you a song called "Beasts of England".
  • Birds too! They have wings!
  • Now that you all know the song, we need to create basic rules. You may not act like humans at all! You cannot sleep in a bed, you must stay on four legs, and everything with four legs are our friends!
  • What about my ribbons? May I wear those?
  • No Mollie! Remember we cannot have any human resemblances at all!