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Halloween storyboard
Updated: 10/15/2019
Halloween storyboard
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  • Once upon a time...There was a kid named Angelo he was short and had black hair.He lived in Calabria. There was also a famous taxi driver in Calabria and he was old and had white hair. It was Halloween night and Angelo was trick-or-treating alone. He walked so much and got lots of candy. He decided he should start going home but then he saw a mountain. It was huge and decided to go up. After he got up he was lost.So he decided to call a taxi. 
  • where are you
  • Scene 2 (Beginning con’t)When he called the taxi they said it would be 10 minutes. So he said “ok” He waited and waited for his phone was about to die. Then he saw it has been half an hour. Finally he saw the taxi come. He got into the taxi and the driver said “where you go” he said “Strada principale” he said “ Si i drive this direction” He was in the taxi for a long time until he noticed that the driver was not driving him home, but he was driving him out of his home to. His phone was dead but in the taxi it showed the time it was 3 am he left for trick-or-treating at 8pm. After about 10 more minutes they arrived at an old house with a purple roof. It was dirty and looked ancient.
  • The driver pulled Angelo out of the car,Angelo tried to make a run for it,but the driver pulled his shirt. The driver pulled him into the house,and locked Angelo in a room. Angelo tried to call someone but he had no service then his phone died. Right before it did the time said it was 3:30am. Angelo took a short nap. When he woke up it was day.
  • Airport<<<<<<
  • Angelo noticed he had 10 euros. So he saw if there was a payphone anywhere. “There” he said Angelo was so happy. He found a payphone. He tried to kick down the door, but then the driver walked by the door. He waited, then he kicked down the door and called the police.
  • The police said it would be 20 minutes. So Angelo waited. He saw the blue lights he was so happy his mom was in the police car to. He saw 10 other police cars. The police broke down the door and went searching for the taxi driver. The police found him and brought him outside.
  • Angelo was reunited with his mom, and the taxi driver was arrested. Angelo was taken home,and Angelo was relieved. Angelo never went trick-or-treating alone again. Angelo moved from Calabria to Canada. Now he lives in Toronto. The end
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