Podcast Promises To The Dead
Updated: 10/28/2020
Podcast Promises To The Dead

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, I can show you a place where ghost stuff happens. It's an old gunpowder mill
  • Hi I'm a writer and I'm looking for inspiration on paranormal activities, and I noticed your van says that
  • This is my friend and he'll be helping us with the ghost in the mill
  • I'm an expert on these. And there are two ghosts in the mill, a boy and little girl
  • Come out, we won't hurt you, we're here to help
  • Throw something to show us your here!
  • Is there something you want? Do you want to leave this place? I promise we can help with that
  • A piece of metal just flew across the room!
  • Keep talking! I think it's working!
  • Something just hit me in the back!...I promise we'll get you out of here ghost
  • The ghost wants to be crossed over, let's leave
  • You'll have to do it long distance though. This is our last time here
  • Do you know how to cross ghosts over? There is? Yes both can
  • Yes, but I can see there's another ghost that wants to be crossed over.
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